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Dog Grooming Dryers As Part Of Your Grooming Business

April 5, 2012

Dog grooming dryers are an integral part of any dog grooming business.  Depending on the types of breeds you groom, will depend on the type of dog grooming dryers you will need.

The best dog grooming dryers are ones that are manufactured within the US by companies such as Double K, Metro and K9.

The type of dryer you will want depends on what type of pet drying tasks you will be using it for.  Depending on the volume of pets you will be grooming should weigh heavily on your choice of dog grooming dryers.

There are several different categories of dog dryers and the main difference is not only pricing, but what the general capabilities of the dryers are.  The dryers that cost the least generally have lower air volume, lower velocity, and often times do not give you the option of adjusting either.  So, if you plan on catering to a large, double coated dog clientele, you’ll probably want a more heavy-duty dryer like the K9 III Dog Dryer or Double K Challengair Extreme Animal Dryer.  Using this type of dryer could save you 20 or more minutes, depending on the coat of the dog.

The next category of dryers are stand dryers which, as the name indicates, stand upright and are on bases that roll around.  Most of the stand dryers circulate moderate air volume, but have adjustments for heating, volume, and velocity.  Not only are they the most versatile in terms of having the most options over controls, they also free up both hands so that the groomer is able to have more freedom when grooming.

The last type of dog grooming dryer is a cage dryer which gives groomers some, but not a lot, of control over its use.  Cage dryers mount on grooming, vet or travel cages and are generally higher volume dryers.  While they do provide some flexibility in adjustment for temperature and air volume, they aren’t as versatile as a stand dryer.

Before selecting dog grooming dryers for your application, you’ll need to evaluate not only initial costs of the units, but also maintenance costs which will vary, depending on the unit you choose.  By choosing the proper dog grooming dryers, however, you can lower your labor costs and, thus, save money in the long run!


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